Connectivity error when attempting to use domain-wide delegation with GSuite


I’ve asked a client’s IT team to follow the steps in the following document:

Some of the interface has changed since posting it, but I believe we’ve followed the required steps.

I’ve configured an acquisition with FEC v3.51.1.5 but the following error message appears:

I’ve checked the acquisition log(s) and they all have a single entry:
FEC error-1

I’ve tried twice now (having left at least 15 mins after the account has been created) Has anyone experienced this and if so, were you able to resolve it?

Hi Marc,

This sounds like the necessary APIs (Gmail API, Drive API, etc.) were not enabled in the project that houses the service account. Step 1.6 in our documentation that you shared above.

I’ll email you a video walkthrough where we covered Domain-wide Delegation in one of our workshops so your client’s IT can follow along.

Thanks Arman. The video highlights the steps that were initially missed off when the client did the work. Having retried, it all looks like it is working now!

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