Forensic Email Collector v3.80 Release Notes

Hello, folks!

We’ve just released FEC v3.80 with a few significant improvements :smiley:

Inline Search

This is a whole new mechanism to filter emails! Designed to work independently or along with in-place search, it makes much more complex search queries possible. You can see a quick demonstration of it in our workshop here.

You can activate Inline Search as follows. We have also included a sandbox where you can load a test email to fine-tune your Inline Search queries.

Finally, Unified Query Builder has been extended to work with Inline Search and can help you easily construct date, participant, and content queries.

Throttling Improvements

We have started a new phase of throttling mitigation by implementing granular retry attempts that occur in place rather than as part of new retry cycles. In our testing, we have seen significant improvements in heavily-throttled scenarios such as O365 snapshots that involve expensive in-place searches as well as Drive acquisition in general.

Drive Acquisition Improvements

FEC’s Drive capabilities have been further refined with improved handling of Drive revisions where the requesting user does not have permission to acquire revisions, and better management of special characters in Drive paths.

PST Output Performance Enhancements

PST output pipeline has been fine-tuned to improve output performance and better tolerate edge case errors.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to our changelog. You can grab the installer :lock: here.

We have added/updated the following support articles in connection with this release:

:link: Using Inline Search