2022 Email Forensics CTF—Challenge 2 Posted

Week 2 is now live! This week’s two challenges can be accessed independently of each other as neither one strictly depends on the other. You will also find that plenty of attempts are available for Part 2 :smiley:

Last week’s challenges are still accessible as archived challenges. However, solving them no longer awards points.

Good luck! :muscle:t2:


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Hi @agungor, is it possible to add more tries to the “Gulliver 1” challenge for this week? I think I’m pretty close to the answer but have ran out of tries haha

I understand if this cannot be done.


Would love to help but changing things up would be unfair to the other participants.

On a positive note, you will get unlimited attempts, albeit without points, in a few days once the challenge is archived. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @agungor. In the Gulliver (100) challenge do we have to input the answer in 0xXXXX format or just the 4 chars?

The 0x prefix is optional. Your answer would work with or without it.

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