Directory Opus—A Great File Manager for DFIR

I have been thinking about starting a series of Tools of the Trade posts to introduce some of my favorite tools to others. I feel that this is a great time to start as one of my all-time favorites, Directory Opus, has a major discount going :+1:

Some of you (such as @jon.munsey) might be familiar with DOpus back from the early 90s when it was first launched on Amiga :smiley:

DOpus has come a long way since then and it is one of the first few tools I install on a new workstation. A few features you might find helpful in the DFIR context:

  • Ability to open multiple panes within a single window which makes working with files a breeze—Norton Commander style.
  • Queue up multiple file operations to run one after the other.
  • Preserve creation and last modification timestamps of files during transfers.
  • Bulk rename files.
  • Securely delete files.
  • Split and join files.
  • Calculate cryptographic hashes.
  • Create file listings.
  • Automate things with scripting.
  • Edit file system metadata of files (useful for testing).
  • Calculate folder sizes.
  • Synchronize folders.
  • Find duplicate files.
  • Connect to FTP/sFTP sites.
  • Use the software from a flash drive in portable mode.

and more. Check out their website for details:

I decided to put this post on the fast track because they are having a 40% holiday sale until January 27th, 2020. Use the coupon code NEWYEAR2020.