Email Forensics CTF—Challenge 10 Posted (FINAL)

Just posted the final challenge in this year’s Email CTF! The competition will automatically close on February 22, 2021 at 00:00 AM (UTC).

Next week, we will issue the prizes to the winners and announce the live event where we will solve challenges 6 through 10! :smile:

Thanks for the challenges!

Unfortunately (without giving away too much) it looks like the authentication details I have saved from last week have since been revoked/expired. It doesn’t look like the archived version has updated details either. Would it be possible to update these, either on the archived version of the challenge or added within the text of the new challenge?

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Hi there,

I’ve just updated the info on the archived version of (Un)authorized Access to get the authentication going. The creds don’t last very long I’m afraid, but this should cover us until the end of the competition. :smiley:

@agungor any plans of providing the challenge resources perhaps in an archive (google drive would be helpful)? Only found time to explore from now onwards. Thanks!

Edit: Never mind I found them! Thanks

Link: Metaspike Email CTF Competition | Archived Challenges 2020-2021

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