Email Forensics Workshop — CTF Edition

We have just scheduled the live event where we will solve the first five challenges and discuss email forensics live. Looking forward to it!

Hi @agungor:

I’m new here and apologies if I’m posting in the wrong category. As per this link I suppose you do record all your workshop sessions? Cuz the workshop is like in the middle of the night for my timezone. Thanks!

Welcome aboard, @Ryan_Ng! Yes, planning to record this one.

The recording for this workshop is now available here:

Hi all, I’m also new here and I was wondering if someone could share the link to buy or just download the “Forensic Email Intelligence Viewer” that @agungor use in the workshop or is it part of other software?

Hi @j0sNET,

Welcome to the Community! The viewer is a part of the larger Forensic Email Intelligence product we are preparing to release soon. We’ll make an announcement here and have a live event as we get closer to a release date!