File Paths Over 260 Characters

Hello All,
Anyone has issue when copying files “Destination Path too long. You can shorten the file names” ?

From research it says to make some changed in regedit which I did and still no luck.

I cannot rename files as Discoveries needs native file names.

Any suggestions?

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Use a tool that can handle long file paths. For instance, Robocopy would do just fine with long paths when copying files. We also built support for long file paths into FEC a while back so deep folder structures within a mailbox could be supported.

  2. If the above is not an option, try shortening the paths by mapping drive letters (e.g., net use or subst). This way, you can map a long folder structure like “X:\Case Documents\XYZ Corp\Electronic Discovery\Second Request\20200113 Collection\Email Archives” as a drive such as Z: and use that for subsequent steps. This is assuming you do not need to have the full path in your discovery tools—typically, one would need the relative path starting from where the evidence items were located.

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Thank you very much!

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Niko, I use 7Zip with the “Relative Pathnames” - as opposed to “Full pathnames” - option selected. Doing so allows me to move data without having to re-name files/folders while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the folder names. Hope this helps.


Thank you very much! great tool.

Fastcopy usually works as well.

Thank you very much!