Forensic Email Intelligence 2.1.12 Release Notes

A new version of FEI dropped today. Here is what’s new :grin:

Flags on Evidence Grid

Item flags are now reflected on the Evidence Grid in a new Flags column. Clicking on a flag on the grid causes the flag to be queried. I’ve found the ability to see my categorization of items directly on the grid to be very helpful during examination :muscle:t2:

Extended Participant Information

FEI now displays extended participant details in “sent on behalf of” and “received representing” scenarios. For example, here is an email where the sender is different than what is reflected in the From header (i.e., the email was sent on behalf of another entity):

Similarly, here is a scenario where the email was received by a mailbox other than the mailbox to which it was addressed:

The display of the extended participant fields is optional and is controlled via FEI’s General Settings page:

New Jump List

The FEI taskbar shortcut now has a custom Jump List. Right clicking on the shortcut allows you to go straight to creating or opening a project or launching FEI Viewer while bypassing the startup screen.

New Insights

We have added new Insights for read and delivery receipts and MAPI retention date and period.

Additional Supercache Definitions

We have also added new DKIM & ARC public keys to FEI’s DKIM Supercache.

You can review the changelog below for a list of the remaining improvements. The new version is available for download :lock: here when you are ready.

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