Forensic Email Intelligence v1.7 Release Notes

We’ve released a major update to FEI today :muscle:t2: Here are the highlights:

Extended MAPI Support

We have extended FEI’s MAPI support to cover many more item classes including meetings, tasks, contacts, sticky notes, and RSS feeds. This includes the ingestion of such items, their rendering in FEI Viewer, and examination of the underlying MAPI properties! I’ve personally found the new rendering options great for presenting these items in exhibits. :grin:

Export Improvements

It is now possible to export items in an FEI Project individually or within MAPI containers (i.e., PSTs) where applicable. An export manifest in CSV format will automatically be included with your export.

Combined with the tagging and filtering flexibility of the Evidence Grid, this new functionality makes it a breeze to get data out of FEI for your expert reports or disclosures.

In-place Help

FEC users will feel at home as FEI now includes an in-place help system as well. You will see little help icons, as in the screenshot above, which will provide helpful snippets of information about FEI’s functionality.

Here is a link to the changelog with additional details. You can download the installer to update to the new version right away!

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Can we get a trial version before purchasing?
We bought FEC and then FEI released.
I think FEI is better suited to our needs.

Although closely related, FEC and FEI have very different focus :blush: FEC is designed for the preservation of emails and related data, and also performs some preliminary tasks to facilitate subsequent investigative or remediation steps. FEI is purely an investigation and intel tool and works off of local emails (i.e., EML, MSG, Mbox, OST, PST, FEC Projects). FEI can connect to external APIs, but for data enrichment, not forensic preservation.

We’ll reach out to you via email to discuss your needs / next steps :+1:t2: