Free Mailbox Sanitization Software—Obliterator

I tested this out for a new project in our pipeline and am very much looking forward to using it! Are there any plans to have this work outside of IMAP? I think it would be great to be able to clean up the dumpster and archive within O365 for example.

Very happy to hear that, Scott! Yes, we have plans to add both Gmail API and Exchange / O365 sanitization capabilities to Obliterator. Gmail currently works reasonably well over IMAP—with the suggested adjustments on Obliterator’s page above—but the inherent IMAP duplication and IMAP’s limited search capabilities reduce the efficiency of the process. We would like you to be able to stay within Gmail API for both the FEC acquisition and the follow-up Obliterator run.

As for O365—yes, we are looking into adding the option to clear the Recoverable Items folder for you upon completion of the sanitization so that you won’t have to do it via Exchange Management Console.

We are always open to any feature requests from the community to make it work seamlessly in your workflow. For instance, when identifying the messages to be deleted, I’m sure most of you would prefer to perform a comprehensive review in a legal review platform or forensic investigation tool. You can currently do this by overlaying the necessary IDs from FEC’s logs to your review tool, and then using your work product in the review tool to narrow down the list of item IDs to be deleted via Obliterator. I find this to be very straightforward, but I may be biased :smiley: If there is anything we can do to make things easier, I am all ears.

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