Google Workspace: Drive file listing

We have a client with approximately 10 TB of Drive data in their corporate Google Workspace, which they would like to generate file listings of.

Importantly, they want the paths included, which would seem to rule out using Google Vault.

Any suggestions for scripts or tools?

One of these projects should do it.

My gut feeling is that @agungor has a preferred library for interfacing with Google that he likely has already used in his products. Perhaps he can point you at what library he has had the most success with. I imagine that you can solve this problem with a little custom scripting and a good library to lean on.

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I’d generally utilise the listing commands in rClone to accomplish this in the easiest way possible. I prefer using rClone because it allows you the ability to set up the remove either including libraries shared with a user or not.

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The first place to look would be Google’s official API client libraries:

Another similar option might be to use Mountain Duck to mount Drive as a volume. I like that Mountain Duck is able to mount in a read-only manner.

A general warning about using a third-party tool to mount Drive as a volume: some tools do not display any files / folders (including anything within the folders) if the file or folder contains characters that would be invalid in the target file system.

For example, I have a test Drive folder with the | character in its name with more subfolders and files within (we use this as one of our tests in FEC’s Drive attachment workflow). When I mount Drive as a volume on Windows with Mountain Duck, that entire folder tree is absent until/unless I rename the folder and get rid of the special character. Same applies to individual files. This would be a non-issue if you interrogate Drive API directly and get a list of the items without mounting anything. Generally, the more middle-men you have, the more potential problems :grin:

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