Great Service from Metaspike!

This is just a post to say how great Arman is, along with having a great product.

Late last Friday afternoon, a local attorney called me, requesting a Gmail collection ASAP, as his client was out of the country, and they needed the preservation for today (Monday).

Of course. It’s almost a perfect definition for a rush job, not to mention a potential legal disaster for his client.

Not a problem, thought I, Forensic Email Collector will do exactly what I need. After firing up FEC, the software informed me it was expired, which seemed odd, as I thought I’d renewed it. Now in a semi-panic, (it was now even later on Friday) I sent an email to Metaspike’s support address. Within minutes, Arman personally wrote back with a renewal link. I quickly submitted the payment, and I was up and running within about 10 minutes.

The collection took overnight, after coordinating with the client in another time zone, but was relatively painless using FEC.

Dealing with Arman was great. You can’t ask for better service that that. The next part, however, is where he went above and beyond the usual service.

Several minutes after the renewal, Arman emailed me back, saying he’s checked the records (without me asking him to do so), and had found that I had in fact renewed FEC several months back. Somehow it had completely slipped my mind. He kindly offed a refund or additional extension for the new license; my choice. I opted for an extension.

What makes this the BEST though, is that Arman was in the midst of reviewing notes on one of his personal cases, and was due in court today. He could have ignored this until this week, but he instead he took the time to check my records without being asked to do so. (And I sincerely hope the court appearance went well for him and his client!)

Again, Arman went way past what most software vendors do for clientele, and I appreciate it so much, I want everyone else to know.



Many thanks for taking the time to share, Frank! I am so happy that we were able to help you with that Friday night rush :blush:

P.S. The court appearance went very well, thank you!