Hotmail Sent items attachments with no content


After collecting a Hotmail account with FEC, we noticed some emails in the sent items that were sent using a Samsung Galaxy running Android had attachments with no content. Has anyone seen this behaviour or know what be causing it?



I recall that the Samsung Email App used to have trouble sending messages larger than a few MB regardless of the server’s attachment size limits. I wonder if what you are experiencing might be connected to that. There might be some information on this in Samsung’s Community.

In any case, I would recommend following a path along these lines:

  • Check the email account via webmail and/or other protocols than you have already used and rule out the possibility that this might have to do with how Graph API or IMAP presents the messages.

  • If you confirm that the same issue is reflected in the copy of the messages the server has, then I would look into the possibility of acquiring those items directly from the endpoint or any backups of it.