Message ID and hidden dates

Hi All-

I’m on an investigation and trying to identify if the following message-id “0877a7ba8b67721b6b521d55b5fbfa795f5d8d8e85941b6fdbd02fac943b411” has hidden dates. Does anyone know if this format has them? and, if so, how can I decode them?

Thanks for your help.

Do you have any more of these? This one may contain a timestamp here, but hard to tell with a single exemplar.


01d55b5f:bfa795f5 ➫ 2019-08-25 16:11:27.2749557

Hi Arman-

I have this other one

The previous one in its complete version:

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Thanks for the additional example. It looks like the first string was missing the ‘c’ at the end.

Looking at the second ID, the timestamp I mentioned appears to be purely coincidental. The local part of the Message-IDs look like 32-byte hex strings—perhaps they are SHA-256 hashes. If so, I’m afraid I wouldn’t count on being able to find any timing information.