PDF Document ID

Hi everyone,

Needed some advice so am posting my query here. I have come across three PDF documents all of them with different application created dates but somehow all three documents have the same Document ID.

Adobe states that Document IDs are unique (https://developer.adobe.com/xmp/docs/XMPNamespaces/xmpMM/)

Just wondering if anyone has come across such a weird scenario before. I do not have access to the original documents btw.

Appreciate if any kind soul out there could shed some light or guide me to the relevant resources.

Thank you



Hi, Usobi.
Maybe the program that has generated these pdf files always use the same Document Id?
Do you have other pdf files from the same source so that you could compare the Document Id and verify if they´re all the same?
Do you know the program that created these pdf files? Could you install this program and create pdf files and compare the Document Id?
In case you may talk about it: why is this fact relevant to you? Are you trying to determine if some of these files have been tampered with?

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