PGP Encrypted MBOX emails

Is there a tool or method to do a bulk decryption of PGP-encrypted emails in the MBOX container and export decrypted emails?

I have the private key and the password. Tried to do it in NUIX but it is painfully slow.

FEI should work for what you are looking to do. Ingests Mbox, decrypts PGP, and can export the decrypted emails as MIME messages.

Arman, how is the throughput for FEI? We have around 2 million emails for 30+ custodians.

Depends on your system and the messages you will be ingesting. Just to give you a very rough idea, a recent test we ran on a fairly modest forensic laptop showed ~950,000 messages/hour on the ingestion side from Mbox files. This is without the Insights processing (i.e., DKIM & ARC verification, etc.).

  1. Can´t you read this mbox in a client like Mozilla Thunderbird and then export the decoded messages to another mbox?

  2. If you´re familiar with python, you might try, or some similar code.
    But e-mails messages may be tricky for dealing in a low-level approach and you may get stuck working with data conversions, escape characters, urls decoding and so on.