Remote Authenticator for Mac 2.0.1 Release Notes

We have released Remote Authenticator for macOS v2.0.1 today :rocket:

Here is what’s new:

User Interface

We have modernized the user interface and added better progress indication during authentication.


The Contacts permission for Graph API and IMAP permission for Exchange—used by recent FEC versions—have been added.

Automatic Provider Detection Bypass

In some rare cases, it may be beneficial to prevent Remote Authenticator from automatically detecting the provider for a domain. For instance, if the target user switched providers recently, and you wish to target their old provider rather than their current provider.

It is now possible to accomplish this by holding down the CTRL key while pressing the AUTHENTICATE button.

You can find additional details in the changelog. The Remote Authenticator landing page and the :lock:downloads page here have been updated to point to the new version.

Thanks for always pushing out great updates!

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