VM for Email Forensics

Are there any VM that you recommend that has the appropriate tools to analyze malicious emails? (anyone or @agungor) I have some experience with SANS SIFT and REMnux. Thanks!

@agungor any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Hi there,

I’m afraid I do not have any VM recommendations for email forensics at the moment. We will announce a new tool in this area soon, but it will be a standalone tool rather than a VM.

@agungor, Alright thanks! Is there a list of tools you recommend installing on a VM? (Haven’t really had time to go through the replays of the CTF so might have missed it if you mentioned it there). Thanks once again!

Sure! We had posted some tool recommendations for the CTF. I’ve just added a few more.

Tool Recommendations for Email CTF - Education and Training - Metaspike Community

Alright thanks @agungor!

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