Working from Home Resources

I have been running into some fantastic resources we can use for training while working from home. I will turn this post into a wiki so please feel free to add content:

1. SANS DFIR Summit (July 16, 17) [Now Free]

SANS have converted their DFIR Summit to a virtual event this year. And they announced today that it is now free. Registration:

2. Hal Pomeranz’s Linux Forensics Material

Hal Pomeranz announced yesterday that his Linux forensics material is available at as a torrent. Comes with a 30+ GB lab VM download.

3. The Zoom Suit

Important to look the part for those of us who participate in video calls.

4. Capture the Flag for the National White Collar Crime Center

A new challenge is posted every morning during the week!

5. 13Cubed Videos

Richard Davis makes some amazing DFIR videos that you can binge-watch.

6. DFIR Blogs offers an RSS feed that covers 572 (for now) DFIR blogs. Import their combined RSS feed into your RSS reader and have a constant stream of articles!

DFIR Blog List ->
DFIR RSS Feed ->

Thanks, Brett Shavers, for putting this together!

7. Azeria Labs

If you are into ARM exploitation and reverse engineering, Azeria has some new tutorials and labs here:

8. Webinars

There are quite a few webinars and webinar recordings you can catch online. Here are two sources —thanks @bajerle.zoltan for the suggestion :slight_smile: