Working from Home Resources

I have been running into some fantastic resources we can use for training while working from home. I will turn this post into a wiki so please feel free to add content:

1. Hal Pomeranz’s Linux Forensics Material

Hal Pomeranz announced yesterday that his Linux forensics material is available at as a torrent. Comes with a 30+ GB lab VM download.

2. SANS Virtual Capture-the-Flag Cyber Challenges

Free SANS NetWars!

3. Capture the Flag for the National White Collar Crime Center

A new challenge is posted every morning during the week!

4. 13Cubed Videos

Richard Davis makes some amazing DFIR videos that you can binge-watch.

5. DFIR Blogs offers an RSS feed that covers 572 (for now) DFIR blogs. Import their combined RSS feed into your RSS reader and have a constant stream of articles!

DFIR Blog List ->
DFIR RSS Feed ->

Thanks, Brett Shavers, for putting this together!

6. Azeria Labs

If you are into ARM exploitation and reverse engineering, Azeria has some new tutorials and labs here:

7. Webinars

There are quite a few webinars and webinar recordings you can catch online. Here are two sources —thanks @bajerle.zoltan for the suggestion :slight_smile:

8. Coding Starter Kit

Your kids are home from school and you want to get them into coding? Check out this Humble Bundle:

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